July 2017 Lab welcomes Yinan Chen from USTC in China! Yinan will be doing research with us for the summer.

March 2017 Lab receives Research Scholar Grant from ACS!

Dec 2016 Markus’s paper is accepted to Genetics!

Dec 2016 Lab welcomes new grad students Liz & Marissa!

Dec 2016 Katharine’s abstract selected for a talk at the Fly Meeting in March.

Nov 2016 New post-doc Stephen McDaniel joins the lab!

August 2016 Lab wins Vallee Foundation Young Investigator award! Click for info.

July 2016 Yi mao joins us from China for the summer!

April 2016 Lab manager Ellie Bondra officially accepts offer to attend UC Berkeley for grad school!

Jan 2016 Undergrad Kelsey Marshall joins the lab!

August 2015 Katharine and Ellie’s paper is accepted to Genome Research!

July 2015 Xiechao Zhan joins us from USTC in China for a couple months of research. Welcome!

July 2015 Melissa’s R01 is funded!

April 2015 Congrats Markus on passing your prelim!

March 2015 Katharine wins a prize for her poster at the Drosophila Research Conference

March 2015 Danielle’s abstract is selected for an oral presentation the Drosophila Research Conference

Feb 2015 Danielle and Ellie’s paper is published in JBC!

April 2104 Congrats Danielle on passing your prelim!

Feb 2014 Melissa receives a New Investigator Award from the Wisconsin Partnership Program

Jan 2014 Welcome to the lab, Ellie!

Jan 2014 Melissa receives a Basil O’Connor Starter Research Scholar Award from the March of Dimes.

Dec 2013 Welcome to the lab, Markus!

May 2013 Our collaboration with the O’Connor-Giles and Wildonger labs showing CRISPR-mediated genome engineering in Drosophila is available online at Genetics (Gratz et al.)!!

April 2013 Congratulations Danielle for being awarded and NSF Predoctoral Fellowship.

Dec 2012 Welcome to the lab, Danielle and Katharine!

Sept 2012 Eric Brooks joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher

Jan 2012 Regen is the first member of the Harrison lab.

Jan 2012 Harrison lab moves into BSB